About us

This group initially formed in response to requests from nurses and other healthcare professionals who specifically asked us to make homemade masks for them.

Since then, we have expanded our production to include scrubs, isolation gowns, “ear-saver” headbands to make masks more comfortable, laundry bags for nurses and scrub caps. Membership in our group continues to increase and we have two streams: the main community group of volunteers and a dedicated “task-force” of professional sewers who are making more complicated items like scrubs. The group has been evolving steadily since day one and will continue to evolve based on developments in the ongoing health crisis. As an example, public health guidance regarding the use of cloth masks has changed since we formed this group and we adjusted our strategy and communications in response to this. Additionally, we have put a prioritization system in place for distributing PPE which is intended to expedite PPE to areas where there may be stress on the supply chains ability to provide medical grade PPE and where items will be most effective in slowing the spread of COVID. This prioritization is informed by the recently released BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) guidance on prioritization of PPE and other public health guidance.

While we do try to prioritize items to areas that will be most effective in reducing harm and limiting the spread of COVID,

we have been very successful in getting things to the majority of people who have contacted us through our website. In addition, our main Facebook page continues to provide a forum for individuals needing items to connect directly with makers. In order to ensure everyone stays safe, we utilize contact-less protocols for our distribution and also provide protocols to our members for safe sanitization, storage and distribution of materials as well as proper use of home-made PPE.


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