Protect Frontline Workers mission is to provide community support in emergency situations through harm reduction tools, and health promotion, including the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to areas of need.

30000 +
items of PPE made by our members


Cloth Masks Made



Scrub Caps & Ear Savers Crafted



Laundry Bags Created



Scrubs & Gowns Sewn


Become A Proud Volunteer

If you either have materials, a sewing machine and the power to help us make masks and other forms of PPE such as scrub caps, laundry bags, and gowns.
Appreciation Posts


A BIG thank you from a handful of my team at VGH’s Medical Device Reprocessing Department, for these beautiful caps!


I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all the organizers, administrators, seamstress, drivers and everyone who are putting a lot of effort with genuine sacrifices in making and delivery of these PPE. At the midst of this crisis, we are here for each other working together. Sharing what we can because we care and love one another regardless of race, status in life, ethnicity, belief, and gender. We are working on the same cause to win the war against this unforeseen, invisible enemy of the world.

Guys , Let’s do what we can and we will win👍

Lions Gate Hospital

Thank you for this group and for making our lovely caps We know your hands are tired from sewing, but we would like to let you know you are our heroes too and you are appreciated. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you 

Banfield Pavillion Staff

Hi all!
I’ve recently come back to work after being quarantined and then, on vacation. My biggest worry about coming back was not having enough protective equipment while working. We find ourselves calling other units to see if they can spare us hair nets and masks and many times its just 3-4 at a time, not even a box. Yesterday, my colleague distributed some supplies and told me about this group…It brought tears to my eyes! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our caps and ear savers. We appreciate everything that you do to help keep us safe!!

It’s amazing how the community is coming together to show us support!

Lions Gate Hospital, 4th floor

Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate the scrub hats and everyone on the Protect Our Frontline Workers in Vancouver team.

Gilma from Eagle Ridge Hospital